Legacy of the Guardians – Part 28

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 28

The shuttles descended down towards the planet. The pilots relaying back to the fleet what they saw, craters of destruction all over the surface of the planet. Entire cities had been destroyed, leveled by a power that the only thing the pilots could imagine was a nuclear blast. Scanning for any signs of radioactivity before the air was determined to be breathable.

Three groups walked out of the shuttles, looking around at the utter devastation. Mounds of rubble now lay where buildings once stood. Smoke still lingered in the air and plumes of fire could be seen in the distance. The groups send back reports and pictures of what they saw back up to the fleet.

The group spread out looking for signs of the Skartians. So far they found no signs of life except for smaller plants, and insects, but no larger life forms. The devastation was complete and they could not help but wonder how many were killed in the bombardment. They ran across a few dead Skartians in the street, many appeared to have been shot in the back running from something.

They knew they might be able to go through the rubble and they might find someone, but picking the right pile would consume a lot of personnel and time. The group fanned out trying to cover as much territory as possible.

“Over here, I thought I heard something,” one of the Yttipians said, focusing their attention on a spot. The group listened as they got closer, and could make out intelligent sounds in the silence of the devastation. Continue reading

Storm Clouds – part 3

Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 3: Patrols

Phantom, an IL series Cylon, watched two centurions enter his command room with an update on the situation he so carefully planned.

“Speak centurion,” he said, looking down at them from his command chair.

“By your command,” the gold centurion said. “As you calculated, the Colonial ships turned upon intercepting our signals.”

“Then they are headed towards the trap?” Phantom asked.

“Yes, two basestars are closing in behind them, and one waits for them in the system,” the centurion said.

“Make the preparations to destroy them,” Phantom said, knowing his plan had been flawless in every detail. He had studied the ways of the humans though Blatar and Lucifer, and later Specter, and now, he would be greater than any of them. He, not those other IL series Cylons, would be responsible for the final destruction of the cursed human race.

“By your command,” the centurion said, turning around and walking out to carry out the orders leaving Phantom alone to ponder his glory which awaited him. Continue reading

Legacy of the Guardians – Part 27

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 27

Admiral Dinen sat in his office, going putting the details to a plan he developed due to the latest intelligence reports. Three other races had been invaded by the Skartians, and asked for help in a newly formed alliance. His came up with a simple plan, attack them in their own territory and force them to protect themselves. When they retreated, the remaining military forces could recapture their territory.

Several of the other races wanted to invade Skartian space, and George felt a few warships from the other races could not hurt, but he didn’t want to hinder their own military operations. The alliance appeared to be working well so far.

“Sir, you have admiral Cave on the line for you.”

“Put it though,” George said, watching Jack appear on the screen.

“You wanted to speak with me?” Jack said.

“Yes sir, I have an idea for an operation, we attack Skartian space,” George said, watching Jack appear slightly shocked, before thinking about it for a few seconds. Continue reading

Storm Clouds – Part 2

Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 2: Movement

Troy looked up as Captain Pratt entered the room. The normal rank would have been commander now, but with them adopting Earth military ranks everything changed. He had become a Lieutenant Commander, but Bri remained a Lieutenant.

“Ah, Troy and Bri, lucky to find you both in one spot,” Pratt said, approaching them.

“What’s up?” Troy asked.

“You’re to head over to the Sydney right away. You’ll be briefed once you get on board,” Pratt ordered.

“All right,” Troy said looking over at his wife then at Nall who seemed disappointed he wasn’t going.

“Get going, Ares wants it to leave right away,” Pratt said. “He’s also ordering all leaves cancelled, and reorganizing the fleet. Something big is going on,” Pratt said.

Troy understood that as he looked over at Nall. “Well, guess we’ll have to see you later.”

“Anything I should do?” Nall asked. Continue reading