Storm Clouds – Part 1

Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 1: The Groups

Commander Adama looked down across the bridge of the Galactica. So much had changed in the past yehren. They had encountered a strange base, and in that base waiting two new battlestars. He never learned much about who the robot worked for, only some ancient dead race.

“Commander, incoming message from the Hyperion,” Athena said.

“Put it though” Adama said, seeing Omega’s face appear on the screen. Tigh took command of the Agamemnon and Omega command of the Hyperion. “Omega, what’s the situation?”

“We investigated a few systems ahead, one planet which supports life, sending teams down to check on food and other supplies that might be easily extracted,” Omega said.

“Okay, if things check out we’ll send a supply ship your way,” Adama said.

“We’ll try and complete our scans quickly,” Omega said.

“Good,” Adama replied, ending the transmission. Things had looked up as with three battlestars, he had the luxury of sending one on ahead to scout for supplies, giving them a greater range of searching. Also if something was discovered, a battlestar could head out for a closer check. Continue reading

Legacy of the Guardians – Part 25

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 25

The crew of the Moscow tensed as they closed in on the Skartian fleet which had arrived and starting their attack on the planet. Ahmed looked at the situation giving instructions to aim for the weapons systems and move on to the next target. They would fight fast and smart, using extreme range and hopefully they could draw some ships away from the planet. He hoped to stay out of the Skartians range for as long as possible.

The arrival of the human fleet did not go unnoticed by the Skartians. They turned to destroy the human fleet quickly to prevent the plan from falling apart. At extreme range the human fleet opened fire, engaging the Skartians before they could return fire.

“Captain, several heavies are heading this way on different courses we won’t be able to maintain this range for long,’ the scanner operator said.

“Direct all firepower on those ships, disable their weapons, then engines,” Ahmed said, hoping to buy some more time. Fleet R was on its way but he had to survive.

The Main weapons of the Moscow opened fire again. The lead ship was hit, and if anyone had been able to see it they would have seen the Skartian shields glow red under the impact of the shots. Continue reading

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion – Conclusion

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion

by AJ Marks


Meia sat down at the restaurant next to Randy. A lot had happened in the past couple of days since the defeat of the Cimalian fleet.

The Alliance had sent a patrol ship to Cimalius but found it abandoned. That hadn’t surprised Meia at all considering the nature of the Cimalian leadership. The landing parties found nothing of any use that might help them figure out where they had gone. The President had ordered a team to Cimalius to see if they could find out.

“How are you handling everything,” Mary asked.

“As well as can be expected,” Meia replied. “It’s still a lot to get used to.”

“How is the government doing,” Randy asked. Continue reading

Legacy of the Guardians – Part 24

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 24

“Captain,” the scanner officer yelled across the room, gaining everyone’s attention. “We’ve got a real problem here.”

Captain Lee made his way over to the scanners, checking out what the officer pointed at, and felt himself go numb. Quickly realizing the magnitude of the situation she gathered his senses.

“Communications, get me Admiral Cave, priority Alpha one,” Lee said, knowing that alpha one was a signal of catastrophic disaster. Continue reading

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion -Chapter 24

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion

by AJ Marks

Chapter 24

Jack stood in the middle of the command center. The press conference had gone even better than he’d hoped. Many in the press at first had been skeptical, then when the governor of Hesslius came on in support the press really started asking more serious questions about who and what the military had done. He’d been able to finally tall his story, and how the military had tried to help but was hampered by the government.

The news had spread quickly over the galactic internet causing a sensation across the Alliance. Jack had the feeling that many in the government would be under pressure to explain their actions and staunch disbelief of why there was an attack. He also was waiting for something.

“Admiral, incoming message from Corestar, the President,” Chad said to him.

“The call I’ve expected,” Jack said. “Put it though.”

“Admiral, what’s gotten into you,” Eric said. “The communications grid here is almost down because of you and the press conference.” Continue reading