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For Christmas I’m posting a rewrite to ‘DJ’s Christmas Gift’.  This is the short-story sequel to ‘My Creator, My Protector’.  Warning, it shows ‘girl/girl’ love, or in this case, girl/android’ love.

Current stories, right now ‘To Stop Running’ has been rewritten and being re-uploaded on Wednesdays.  Saturday will bring forth the second book of ‘The Cimalian Princess: Clones’.

I’m constantly working on new stories, and rewriting old and hopefully will finally finish some of the older, incomplete stories, like Voyage to Earth, now that I have an ending in mind, and the Independence Day/Battlestar Galactica crossover trilogy.  Also in the works in a slight rewrite of Battlestar Argo.

For now, scroll on down, see what’s been newly posted and enjoy.

DJ’s Christmas Gift – Part 1

DJ’s Christmas Gift

by AJ Marks

Part 1

Lexa quickly made her way through the crowds at the space elevator leading DJ by the hand. She wanted to get DJ out of the crowded area fast to avoid any encounters from reporters or photographers. A concern the young woman had mentioned before the cruise ended. Many were still talking about what happened with the President and Colonies trying to understand DJ’s involvement in the entire situation.

The cruise company agreed to deliver their luggage back to DJ’s house, which made one less thing they had to worry about while getting through the crowds. Now scanning the people around her she quickly picked out several photographers and a reporter and calculated the appropriate path to take avoiding their gaze. She felt sure that once they spotted DJ they would swarm her.

She tightened the grip on the hand feeling the responding pressure indicating DJ trusted where Lexa was taking them. It took only a few seconds to make it outside and she quickly hailed a taxi waiting as it pulled up. Scanning the area again she spotted a reporter looking right at DJ.

“Get in,” Lexa said to DJ, ushering her into the backseat even as the reporter raced over. His actions caught those of the others who now spotted DJ and Lexa and she could hear them shouting questions above the normal noise.

Lexa climbed into the seat informing the driver to go. The cab lifted off as the driver did not wait, he did not want to be surrounded by a mob of reporters either.

“Where to miss?” the driver asked getting the instructions from Lexa. Continue reading

The Cimalian Princess: Clone – Part 1

The Cimalian Princess: Clone

by AJ Marks

Part 1

Admiral Jack White walked slowly with his wife, Mary, towards a new restaurant which opened near the base. Randy and Meia would join them for dinner much to the delight of Mary. She had taken Meia under her wing.

“So, how are things going at work?’ Mark asked.

“Oh, fine so far, nothing new to report though,” Jack said, wishing he actually had something to say.

“I guess that’s good news then,” she replied back to him.

Jack gave that some thought, but he would like to know where the Cimalians had gone. He did not think that an entire civilization could simply disappear without a trace. Scout ships had been sent and so far nothing, now they were sending ships into areas close by where they could go.

He turned into the restaurant instantly spotting Meia. Her blue hair made her stand out wherever she went. Sure a few teenagers colored their hair, but they hardly ever wore a flight uniform with their hair color. It was that combination which usually gathered the most attention. Continue reading

To Stop Running – Part 3

To Stop Running

by AJ Marks

Part 3

“Commander Apollo, what do you think you’re doing? You do not have the permission of the council, you realize that?” Ziers roared at Apollo.

“Commander Tigh, we’ve got a serious situation here,” Apollo said, ignoring what Ziers said, knowing that the commander would be off screen. He continued before Ziers could say anything else. “It seems that we are now surrounding by a fleet of warships, I don’t recommend fighting out way out.”

“You never would have been in such a situation had you followed the council’s wishes,” Ziers stated, anger in his voice.

“There was no time to consult the council, and wait as they debated for centons about what to do,’ Apollo replied. “And councilman, which would you rather have, the Pegasus in this situation or the entire fleet in this situation as we waited for your decision on what to do.” Continue reading

The Cimalian Princess: Clone – Intro

The Cimalian Princess: Clone

by AJ Marks


Meia sighed. In the past six months so much happened she barely knew who she was anymore. Not long ago she had been part of the fighter squadron on board the battle-cruiser Kitakim of the Cimalian military, one of the elites of the 3rd CF. Now, glancing around the hangar on board the Alliance battle-cruiser Akagi, she felt very different.

Gone was the overwhelming need for revenge which consumed her for so long. The doctor stated that was part of whatever drug she had taken. She still had doubts about this group, but they were friendlier to her, she had friends despite still being a normal pilot.

“You all right?” a voice she recognized asked. She turned to see Randy making his way towards her. Why had she not heard him approach? All that training she went through seemed to vanish.

“Yeah, I guess, thinking,” Meia finally replied, unsure she wanted to talk about it. So much to comprehend, and yet he never seemed to push her. For that matter, none of the others had pushed her. For that she felt grateful.

“About what? You seemed deep in thought, allowed me to sneak up on you.” Continue reading

To Stop Running – Part 2

To Stop Running

by AJ Marks

Part 2

“Commander, I heard we had a new contact,” a familiar voice said, causing Tigh to sigh, knowing who the voice belonged to. He turned to see Marcus, a council member, walking onto the bridge.

“That’s correct, Captain Starbuck and his wingman are checking it out now. Commander Apollo has taken the Pegasus out for a better look,” Tigh replied back to know, knowing what the reply would be.

“And who approved this action?” Marcus asked, his tone accusing.

“I did, there was not time to notify the council and have a debate,” Tigh replied back, they both knew the truth about such actions. The council had flexed their power at every change, increasing what needed to be approved by the military.

Many on the council considered the military too powerful. Shortly after Adama died they revoked the martial law status, dominant since leaving the Colonies. No one was strong enough to challenge the council, especially Ziers or Marcus, who made a powerful team. Continue reading

World War at Sea (Game) – German Heavy Cruisers

germany German Navy Heavy Cruisers:


Hipper class:

8 x 8″ main guns                                 Speed: 33.5 knots

Displacement: 18,200 tons                 Armor: 3.3″

Ships in class: Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Blucher, Seydlitz, and Lutzow

Wiesbaden class:

8 x 8″ main guns                                 Speed: 32 knots

Displacement: 19,100 tons                 Armor: 4″

Ships in class: Wiesbaden Continue reading