Greetings and welcome to my sci-fi/fantasy story site.

A few quick things, working on National Novel Writing Month, or nanowrimo, once more this year.  Its based in fantasy this time, creating an entire world with races and stories, something which will be posted here in a bunch of short stories.

I’m constantly working on new stories, and rewriting old and hopefully will finally finish some of the older, incomplete stories, like Voyage to Earth, now that I have an ending in mind, and the Independence Day/Battlestar Galactica crossover trilogy.  Also in the works in a slight rewrite of Battlestar Argo.

For now, scroll on down, see what’s been newly posted and enjoy.

To Stop Running – Part 1

To Stop Running

by AJ Marks

Part 1

Commander Tigh’s Log:

“It’s been several yahrens since our last encounter with the Cylons. I fear they are still somewhere behind us, looking for us, chasing us. I don’t think they have stopped despite seeing no contact with them for so long.

“It is difficult to constantly argue that they might be right behind us. The longer we go without contact the more the call to settle down becomes. The Council hounds me with questions, and while I rejoice being free from the Cylons, like Commander Adama, I fear their return.

“I can only hope we are united with Earth soon. I fear it’s our only hope for survival.”

Tigh paused in his musings to think about the past bit. He had a feeling he would never know of the planet Earth, like Adama. He had passed away two yehrens ago, and three yehrens after he retired.

The fleet had managed to be lucky. They had run across the damaged Pegasus. Technicians worked hard to bring the battlestar back up into working condition. Now with two battlestars, they were better able to protect the fleet. The only sad part had been to learn the death of Commander Cain in the battle. Continue reading

Voyage to Earth: Unveiling

Voyage to Earth

by AJ Marks


Commander Adama made his way up to the bridge of the Galactica. He had been released to light duty by the doctors, and now had come aboard to check out the repairs. The robots worked quickly and efficiently making some major repairs to the engines and armor. The robots had even repaired one of the engines on the tanker the Galactica would escort back to the fleet.

They were only waiting on the return of Doctor Wilker before leaving the asteroid. Part of Adama wished he could bring many other ships over here, but he also knew the asteroid was extremely short on supplies and did not have the resources for such things. He did manage to have two of the three argo ships brought over for a complete overhaul as well.

His last conversation with Hephaestus, the lead construction robot, left him as confused as before. The robot said it would not contact the Cylon, and would continue to monitor space for the enemy. He had forgotten about this long ago enemy after everything that happened in the past few days. He had been poisoned, and then the report from Tigh about what happened to Apollo. Starbuck and Boomer were undertaking a rescue mission, which they hoped was successful, but no news yet.

“Commander, Doctor Wilker has returned to the Galactica, we’re ready to to leave,” a new person on the bridge said, taking Rigel’s spot. Adama recalled her name, Lisa, and hoped she did as well as the person she replaced. Continue reading

Battlestar Argo – Part 1

Note:  I will be updating ‘Battlestar Argo’.  Some parts will have reworked scenes, while other parts will only have minor changes.  This is try and keep the storyline better intact.  (Parts in blog format are updated, while the old web page format are parts that have not been updated).

Battlestar Argo

by AJ Marks

Part 1: The Mission

Colonel Ares made his way down the hallway towards the commander’s office. Commander Backus summoned not long ago, and Ares silently hoped he was not going for a mental evaluation. Backus was a tough man, required you to do your job, and in a way reminded Ares of his first squadron leader, Cain. Ares had only been the colonel of the battlestar Pacifica for a few sectars now.

The news of the death of Rikki hit him hard. The one person he had loved, now all he had was regrets of what he had not done. She had discussed marriage the last time they talked, and he had still felt not ready. Now, with the Cylon attack on the outpost and her death, they would never get that chance.

Stopping at the commander’s door, pausing to compose himself before knocking. He faced whatever the commander needed. The door swung open a bit quicker than he expected, and made his way inside.

Backas sat behind his desk, but it was the man across from him that caught Ares’ attention. The legendary, and former squad leader, Commander Cain. Ares looked back and forth between the two knowing that something was going on, especially if Cain was here.

“Ah, Ares, welcome, come in, come in, we’ve been talking about you,” Cain said, motioning for Ares to sit down. Continue reading

Voyage to Earth: Crystal

Voyage to Earth

by AJ Marks


Jason raced back to his viper, aware of what was going on behind him. If they had caught Apollo, they might come after him as well. His first thought, he needed to get help, and in order to do that, he had to get back to the fleet. Once there they could come back and rescue Apollo.

He looked around upon reaching his viper, glad he did not see anyone following him. They either did not know about him, or considered him no threat, whatever that threat might be. He had no idea why they had captured Apollo, and as he went thought the takeoff procedure the question entered his mind.

Quickly powering up the engines, he launched off the planet’s surface. Now on the way back, he wondered about the conversation he overheard. Something about a dead emperor, but what that might have to do with the captain, Jason did not know.

He hit his turbos and hoped they made it back in time. Continue reading

Storm Clouds – part 12

Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 12:  Meeting

Ares looked on, hearing the reports of the battle coming in. They had taken the Cylons by surprise this time. However, now the Cylons knew another group was out here. Now patrols were even more important.

They had managed to destroy all four basestars blocking the Galactica’s fleet to the systems, and one additional basestar had been destroyed in the rear. They had lost a couple of destroyers, damage to a cruiser, and the battlestar Yorktown.

In all, he would accept that, five basestars for no battlestars. Such a lopsided battle result gave him confidence in the future. They had also gained an additional three battlestars to the fleet, along with a battlecruiser and its escorts.

“Admiral, the President is on the line,” Otto said. Ares fired the President would call, wanting an update on the situation. Activating the communications he watched the president appear on the screen. An old friend, Sam Harvey.

“Ares, what’s the latest?” Sam asked. Continue reading