Storm Clouds – Part 6

Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 6: Relief Ship

Troy looked at his scanners for any further Cylons, not seeing anything and finally sat back in his seat. They had managed to win the battle. He had been Bri’s wingman during the battle but now he resumed command. He would have been foolish to take the lead when Bri was the better pilot.

“Sydney, this is Troy, come in,” Troy said, waiting a few seconds for the Sydney to reply and finally to get a hold of Captain Johnson.

“Yes lieutenant commander,” Johnson said.

“I’m going to land aboard the Colonial warship, it will get us contact, and I can adjust their communications with ours,” Troy said.

“That’s a good idea, I’ll inform HQ about the situation,” Johnson said.

“Then I’ll talk to you later,” Troy said, before turning his attention to his wife. “You heard that Bri?”

“Yeah, switching over to Colonial frequencies now,” she said. Troy reached down turning his own communications over waiting a second before it became filled with voices of pilots lining up and the control officer on board the Colonial warship. Continue reading

Legacy of the Guardians – Part 30

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 30

A warfleet of black ships approached the target planet. The inhabitants would never know what happened, or why when they finished. They only understood their enemies were too far away to do anything about this. They would hand out punishment for failure, something they had little tolerance for.

The ships were a variety of shapes, and no apparent source of engines or power systems. Their weapons were hidden to confuse anyone who might glance a ship and mistake it for something else. Hangars for fighters and landing craft were covered until needed. Everything designed for secrecy.

The small defenses of the race had already been swept aside in a brief battle. The fear the defenders felt made it easy to overwhelm and crush them. Now nothing would stand in their way from exacting vengeance for failure.

Fighters prepared to launch as shuttles of landing craft filled with armed soldiers waited the order to descend to the surface. Larger ships headed towards their position in orbit over the planet to begin planetary bombardment.

On the surface the inhabitants of the planet had only started to understand they were under attack, and the panic grew. Information trickled in about the attack to all parts of the planet even as they understood warships were settling in around the planet. Most thought they would die in the orbital bombardment. Continue reading

Storms Clouds – Part 5

Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 5: No Retreat

Tagget looked at the group of captains in front of him who looked back at him in shock. They all heard what he had to say, but no one seemed to want to actually acknowledge it.

“If we attack we could be all be killed,” Percy said.

“And if we leave, we doom people to death anyways,” Tagget said, “Our food supplies are gone. We don’t have enough to last two days.”

He watched them with shock in their eyes. They had known things were bad, but not that bad. To learn how little they had.

“Why didn’t you say something?” Orion said.

“And do what? There was nothing else we can do. Food has always been scarce, but this would have caused a panic among the people,” Tagget said.

“Then that planet is our only hope,” Orion said, after several seconds of silence.

“What’s the plan?” Zaga said. Continue reading

Gold In September

Normally I won’t post anything but stories here, and this type stuff over at the musing page, but I felt this was more important.

I became aware of a young girl, Annie, 11 years old, who lost her twin brother to cancer.  She watched him undergo all types of treatment, travelling all over hoping to find a cure.  Sadly he lost that battle, but Annie went ahead with a courage that many lack.

She decided to do something.  so she has begun a campaign after seeing how pink raises awareness of breast cancer in October, she chose gold for September.

Its always sad when cancer takes someone you love, but help give hope to children and their families.  All too often we overlook such stories.  Its time we stop doing that.


Legacy of the Guardians – Part 29

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 29

Steve went over the reports again from the Skartian Empire that Jack had given him. He had spent some time reading it in Jack’s office, before he got a call from HQ on Earth and he left to continue reading. The survivors were still climbing, but it would take a long time for them to recover. Some five thousand had been found, and even now there was operations on Earth to discover the Skartian operatives to help bolster those numbers.

What disturbed Steve even more, the fact that this group seemed either afraid to take on humanity, or that there was some sort of secret agreement between some of humanity’s leaders and this group. The second option scared him more than the first.

“General, you have a call from Ambassador Cunningham,” his secretary said, interrupting this train of thought. He activated his communicator seeing Randall’s face appear.

“There’s a new problem Steve,” Randall said, not even saying hello, surprising Randall. “The Dedian Alliance is being threatened by the same race that destroyed the Skartians Empire.”

“Okay,” Steve said drawing out the word. “And what are we to do about it? I know some here who are happy that the Skartians were destroyed.” Continue reading