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The Cimalian Princess: Clone – Part 6

The Cimalian Princess: Clone

by AJ Marks

Part 6

Meia watched the bridge crew go through the start-up procedure for the next hyperspace jump. She had been on her way to the rec room when Randy caught back up to her, asking her to come to the bridge instead. She was unsure why, but agreed. Now the crew worked for the jump and the preparation they might enter Cimalian space.

“Engines are green admiral,” Meia heard someone say. She looked over seeing an unfamiliar face on the bridge, he had short black hair and appeared to be in his mid-thirties, slightly overweight as well. She noticed his rank as a colonel and figured he was the new XO of the Akagi.

“Prepare to jump,” Randy said from his position on the bridge.

Meia pushed back a lock of hair behind her ear only to have it fall back in front of her face again. She eyed it for a second before turning her attention back on the bridge crew.

Eagle and Valiant report ready admiral,” Hans said. Continue reading

To Stop Running – Part 7

To Stop Running

by AJ Marks

Part 7

Commander Tigh watched the Cylon basestars in front of him now number four. He knew there were at least two behind him. Six basestars against two battlestars. The odds were not good in their favor anymore. He quickly ordered the Pegasus to the rear instead of fighting the four in front of them.

He gave the order to the captains of the fleet to head towards system, and he hoped that whatever military Earth had would protect them. The battlestars would delay the Cylons as much as possible.

The viper pilots were fighting well, and despite the latest reinforcements from the basestars they were holding their won quite well. However, with the addition of the new raiders there were no additional vipers free to attack the basestars. Continue reading

The Cimalian Princess: Clone – Part 5

The Cimalian Princess: Clone

by AJ Marks

Part 5

Randy walked back to the bridge knowing the Sunray would be reporting in. He had taken off to grab a drink and now headed back to see what the situation was. Would the Sunray need more time, or would the repairs be finished.

He looked around spotting everyone still hard at work. He spotted Kim and made his way over to her.

“Communications contact,” Hans said before Randy could say anything to Kim. He glanced over to see what was going on along with Kim.

“Can we decode it?” Randy asked, wondering who was sending messages here.

“Working on it admiral,” Hans said quickly. Randy went over pondering a message back to HQ on what they had found. Continue reading

To Stop Running – Part 6

To Stop Running

by AJ Marks

Part 6

Admiral Percy White waited patiently for the return call from Earth for his orders regarding the capture Pegasus. They had a human fleet of several hundred ships outside the system. He went through everything that the President might order, and could not come up with anything that might help out the situation. Then he had the situation of the Cylons. The group had already attacked on station, and according to Apollo, they would attack again without warning. He warned him to shoot first. The communications came to live showing the President’s face, he had not been expecting him.

“Mr. President,” Percy said.

“Thought I’d let you know what’s been somewhat decided down here,” Steven said. “There is no official word from congress yet, still have to inform them in the morning. But use your discretion, see if we can get a meeting with their leaders. Do what you feel is right, I’ll back up you any way I can.”

“Yes sir, makes me feel better in case something does happen,” Percy replied. They signed off and he wondered what might happen with congress. Would they want to do something else? Continue reading

The Cimalian Princess: Clone – part 4

The Cimalian Princess: Clone

by AJ Marks

Part 4

Randy walked back onto the bridge of the Akagi knowing that the fleet would be exiting hyperspace soon. So far all ships had remained in position despite the long amount of travel time. They still had another jump to go before reaching the spot where the Endurance had disappeared.

“Preparing to exit hyperspace in ten minutes,” he heard Aaron say to Kim.

“Good, get me the admiral,” Kim said.

“Don’t bother, how are the other ships?” Randy said walking over to where she sat.

“Ah, I was about to call you,” Kim said back to him.

“I was keeping a watch on the clock,” Randy said taking a look at the monitor. “Are we in position for the next jump?” Continue reading

To Stop Running – Part 5

To Stop Running

by AJ Marks

Part 5

“Yes, Earth,” Starbuck replied to Apollo’s echo.

“Are you saying that these people are from Earth?” Apollo asked, looking at Starbuck then back at Percy and finally back to the screen. He felt shocked by the sudden turn in the conversation.

“Yep, don’t’ believe me ask them yourself,” Starbuck stated.

Apollo turned to Percy standing next to the screen. “Is this true? Are you from Earth?” Apollo asked, waiting for the reply.

“Um, yeah, we call our planet Earth, is that a problem?” Percy asked back now confused.

Apollo sat down, taking a moment to center himself before saying anything. Their voyage might be over, impossible. “We’ve been looking for Earth for several yahrens. According to our legends the thirteen tribes of humanity left Kobal, twelve settled close to each other. The last, left and settled on a planet called Earth.” Continue reading