The Cimalian Princess: Invasion – Chapter 8

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion

by AJ Marks

Chapter 8

Randy walked back into the med lab once more. He seemed to be brought back to the mysterious blue haired woman. The doctor walked over to where Randy stood near the woman.

“I see you’re back,” Tommy said.

“There’s something here that I’m missing doc. She’s human, yet her clothing, the ships they’re using are all indications of something more than pirates,” Randy said.

“Another mystery, I found an unusual drug in her system. It took a while for the computer to analyze it but it came back as a form of mind control drug,” Tommy replied.

“Mind control, why’d that be used,” Randy questioned what the doctor had told him.

“I don’t’ know captain, only what we find,” Tommy said turning to head back to his desk. Continue reading

Legacy of the Guardians – Chapter 7

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Chapter 7

Ahmed, Jack and Joseph arrived at the hotel in Washington DC close to midnight. Jack was tired after travelling so much in the day.  The flight was delayed slightly due to other flights.   But they managed to arrive, then take private cars to the hotel.  The hardest part, their meeting was scheduled for seven in the morning.

“Okay, we’ll meet back down here at four-thirty in the morning,” Jack said to Joseph as Ahmed followed along.  He and Admiral Cave were sharing a room, both to cut costs and security for Ahmed.  Tensions were still high.

Ahmed quickly decided to get some sleep.  Jack watched as he went straight to bed, falling asleep.  He shook his head wishing he could fall asleep so easily.  He always had a hard time falling asleep, but he was not a light sleeper.  Sure an alarm could wake up, but people walking around in the room did not disturb him.  Strangely he did not feel tired, due to the time difference he lived on compared to Eastern USA time zone.  Opening a laptop deciding to catch up on work.

Hours later Jack sat back in his chair, stretching his back.  He looked over and reaffirmed his suspicion.  It was fifteen to four, standing he walked over to the bathroom to shower and shave.  Stepping out of the shower he saw Ahmed awake. Continue reading

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion – Chapter 7

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion

by AJ Marks

Chapter 7

Meia rubbed her eyes in disbelief at what she saw. She stood in a room and recognized the table right away. A few chairs lined each side of the table in a room decorated in simple tan colors. The doorway led to a small kitchen. From where she stood she saw a pot cooking on the stove. She closed her eyes then opened them again hoping to be somewhere else but she still stood in the small eating area of her childhood home.

“Little one, clean up, dinner’s almost ready,” she heard her mother’s voice say. A woman about her height, strawberry-blonde hair and green eyes stood there looking at Meia.


“And who else is there here,” her mother replied looking at Meia. “Now hurry up or the food’ll get cold.”

Meia glanced at herself confirming that she indeed was still grown. The last time she’d seen her mother she’d been five, right after her testing. ‘This is impossible,’ she thought to herself. Her mother had placed some food on the table. Continue reading

Legacy of the Guardians – Part 6

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 6

Ahmed blinked his eye open, aware of his quarters. It took a few seconds before he could recall what all happened yesterday. It all seemed like some distant, bad dream. Standing he stretched, looking down at the uniform he still had on, and quickly changed into a fresh uniform.

After brushing his teeth, and washing his face he felt a bit better, and sent a communications to the bridge asking if anything was needed of him.

“No, everything’s find captain, but you are to report to Admiral Cave when you get up,” the officer on duty said.

“Did he say why?” Ahmed asked, curious about the call.

“No sir, just to report to the admiral’s office.” Continue reading

The Cimalian Princess: Invasion – Ch 6

The Cimalian Princess: Invastion

by AJ Marks

Chapter 6

Doctor Tommy Leaver glanced once more at the patient, a female who appeared to around twenty-five years old. The uniform she had on he had never seen before. Sure it looked like a pilot’s uniform but he hadn’t seen one like it on the Akagi before. Of course what really caught his attention was the fact the woman had blue hair.

She had what appeared to be sever trauma to her head and chest. He had quickly ordered scans of the woman’s chest and head. The head mechanic, Ben, mentioned that the woman might be from the enemy fighter that crashed near the hangar.

Tommy didn’t care about that. He had sworn to protect life and this woman’s would be no different. He patched up another non-critical patient while waiting on the scans to return. Two other patients were critical as well as the woman. One he feared wouldn’t survive.

“The scan doc,” one of the nurses said to him. Continue reading