Legacy of the Guardians – Part 32

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 32 (Conclusion)

Randall sat at the table along with Sam Ulthis and Kinser waiting to hear anything about what might be happening in Dedian space. So far even the Dedian had not been able to reach his homeworld. They looked up seeing Toncor walk into the room and sat down.

“Think I finally recalled that story,” he said to them.

“Really?’ Randall stated, wondering what type of story it was.

“Its an old story, no longer even told by anyone except for a few. I had to get in touch with a lot of people before finding someone who knew it,” Toncor said. “It is a long story, but the moral of the story is beware those shadows, for they are only there to harm you. The hero is a small boy who discovers he had the power to stop them. They kill his mother, try to kill him. They failed, and he grows up and comes back to overthrow them, and free the others.”

“Interesting,” Sam said, silent for a few seconds. “Sounds similar to something I saw. Except the boy was a baby, and buried by the shadows. Years went by as the shadows enslaved others. Then where they buried the baby the ground broke revealing a man, who dispatched the shadows, then kept watch over them under his protection.”

“Sounds very similar,” Toncor said. “At the end of the story the man is called the Guardian.” Continue reading

Storm Clouds – Part 8

Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 8: The Agamemnon

Tigh headed to the briefing room, where Boomer and jolly would be waiting for him. It appeared they had discovered something while out on their patrol by the speed which they returned. Tigh hoped they had not found any Cylons, but he did not hold onto any hope. Adama already knew of something, and they both feared Cylons.

Tigh walked into the room, seeing Jolly and Boomer already seated, along with Sheba and Bojay sitting there. He paused, looking at them for a second not expecting them to be here. Sitting down he looked over at Boomer and Jolly.

“I take it you have some information,” Tigh asked, looking at Boomer.

“Yes, I was about to turn around when Jolly spotted something on the scanners,” Boomer said, starting the debriefing. “Looking down the scanner had picked up a lot of contacts. The Warbook identified them as Cylon raiders.”

“Great?” Tigh said, his worst fear being confirmed.

“There’s more sir,” Boomer said, as Tigh sat back waiting and hoping the news was not even worse. “We moved a bit closer, there were a lot of raiders, looking to be over a hundred or so.” Continue reading

Legacy of the Guardians – Part 31

Legacy of the Guardians

by AJ Marks

Part 31

Admiral Dinen watched the scanners as the Boston and the patrol group split up leaving the fleet with a direct line of fire.

“We’re almost in range admiral.”

“Inform all ships to fire,” George said. He wanted to get that first shot in, especially with little knowledge of the capabilities of the enemy. He had no time for subtle tactics, and the idea of a head on attack seemed like the best idea at the moment. He chuckled to himself at the sheer lunacy of the idea. A head on attack against an unknown enemy, possibility the worst idea, yet it seemed so right.

Fighters swarmed into the battle, attacking any nearby ships probing for weakness. Enemy fighters moved to engage. Pilots and machines tested each other in the deadly dance. Around them deadly salvos went past as the fleet warships exchanged blows and organized fleets dissolved into chaos.

George watched the enemy seemed surprised by their appearance. Their reactions were slow. He expected the enemy to either fully engage or retreat back to the planet and the rest of the fleet. Instead they seemed to be so focused on Ahmed’s group they failed to see his fleet. Whatever the reason for their lack of focus, George wanted to maintain the upper hand. Continue reading

Storm Clouds – Part 7

Storm Clouds

by AJ Marks

Part 7: Stealth Attack

Gunther looked down at his screen, seeing the captain of the Sydney looking back at him.

“Captain Gunther, you’ve made it out here?” Johnson said.

“Yeah, hear you’ve had some excitement,” Gunther replied, having read the reports about the battle, and the quick relief sent to the ships of the Colony.

“Yeah, things have calmed down a bit over there, with the addition of food and water, its amazing how that will calm a group of people,” Johnson said.

Gunther did not wish to even imagine what the group had to go through on their journey. The Argo had its own problems, but food never seemed to be a problem. Of course, the Argo had storage for a yehren’s worth of food, and with replenishing from planets they were never in danger. They also had a slightly below normal complement for a battlestar which meant the crew never put a strain on the life-support systems.

“I’ve got patrols out looking for additional basestars, the signals we picked up indicated more than one,” Gunther said. Continue reading

My Creator, My Protector – Teaser

My Creator, My Protector

by AJ Marks

DJ Watkins is a successful, though shy, computer geek. Considered a genius with technology and working on the next generation of AI operating systems. Talked into taking a vacation her life will be turned upside down as Sera, a mastermind for the free colonies of Earth sets his sights on her. He wants her operating system for a new android, a perfect soldier. Will this android be perfect, or will it become more human than anyone ever thought possible, including its creator, DJ.  Continue reading